The House of Demanding BDSM checklist
Below is a checklist that you, the submissive, and I, the Dominant will use to guide your servitude. Fill it out in its entirety, truthfully and honestly. There is no judgment only service and honor. This is the beginning of your kinky journey, not an end to all means. Fetishes like one's mind change all the time, this list is not all encompassing but will assist me in learning more about your likes and dislikes. In the process you may discover something new about yourself as well. I will train, mentor and teach throughout our time together. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the roles and protocols of a BDSM relationship/lifestyle. If you have any questions direct them to me.
  • Directions

    Evaluate the choices below place a check in the box to indicate if you have ever done/ or are willing to try these activities. If the choice is a hard limit, check that box. If not leave blank. If you have any questions that you would like to discuss, check unsure and we will discuss them in greater detail.
  • Done Willing Hard Limit Unsure or N/A
    Bondage of body parts breasts,genitals, hands,legs, etc.
    Rope play
    Sensory deprevation
    Breath play
    Saran Wrap bondage
    Pantyhose bondage
    Tape bondage
    Whole/ Entire body bondage
    Straight Jackets
    Spreader bars
  • Done Willing Hard Limit Unsure or N/A
    Anal/Ass play
    Genitals fondled or played with
    Breasts/Chest fondled or played with
    Face sitting (Queening)
    Body worship, ass, pussy, feet, boots, etc.
    Face Fucking
    Body Massage
    Orgasm Control
    Forced Homosexuality
    Homosexual sex/ play
    Tease and Denial
    Anal plugs
    Catheter plugs
    What it is that we do (WIITWD) Cross-dressing/femenization/ageplay/animal play etc.
    Genitorture (torture of genitals)
  • Done Willing Hard Limit Unsure or N/A
    Edgeplay (knives)
    Total Power Exchange
    Impact Play i.e. floggers, paddles, whips, bare hands, etc.
    Sadochism/Masochism or S& M
    Kidnap/ Abduction scene play
    Fire play
    Blood play i.e. Needles or Cupping
    Rape scene play
    Golden showers/Human toiletism
    Human Ash tray
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